ABOUT NCA Daycare & Preschool

Northstar daycare/preschool teaches from Bible based ABEKA curriculum, which is based on letter recognition, writing and phonetic sounds to each letter. The 3-year-old program is a wonderful introduction to a fun filled learning environment. All of our classes are teacher directed. Our 4-year-old program introduces the 5 vowels and then pairs them  with a consonant to form blends, which the children have fun forming into three letter words. This creates an excellent reading environment for your child. Along with letter recognition,  your child will be taught number recognition and number writing.  We incorporate counting by 2's and 5's with the use of songs and finger play.  Our circle time is full of learning the days of the week, months of the year, opposites, shapes, and colors.  We practice very important social skills everyday such as sharing, how to be a good friend,  respecting others, but most importantly how to respect our self.


We have two 3 Year Old rooms,  two 4 Year old rooms & school age programs running at full speed which operate year round.  


Meet Our Staff


All of our workers have received specialized training in childcare education. We go through yearly updates and training in order to give your child the best possible care and education.  Our love for children is why we have chosen to work at Northstar Christian Daycare.



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Miss Sarah W

Miss Anne

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Miss Darlene


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Miss Sholanda

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Our Philosophy

With the Word of God (the Authorized King James Version) as the final authority, NCA is committed to assisting the two institutions ordained by God, the home and the local church, in fulfilling their responsibility to the youth of today. The primacy of the home and family is basic to the philosophy of NCA. Our commitment is to help parents in their appointed task of raising and training their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We therefore established NCA Daycare as a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church. Northstar Preschool and Daycare is a Bible based classroom where the Bible is taught and practiced throughout the year. Our goal is to perfect the Christ like qualities in the lives of our students so that they grow up “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.