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Four Year Old Classrooms!

From September to April your four year old will be reviewing and learning the 5 vowels and blend the vowels with the consonants to form blends. From April to June we will be reviewing our letters and forming our blends into three letter words.  They will also learn the phonetic sounds of all the letters in the alphabet, as well as how to write them. We verbally count by ones, twos, fives and tens, while learning to write numbers 1 through 20.  Circle time consists of learning our opposites, shapes, colors, days of the week and months of the year. Our students practice very important social skills every day such as sharing, how to be a good friend, raising your hand to ask a question, and learning to respect others and ourselves. We transition with music and movement, while the children learn to follow directions and exercise using large and small motor skills.


A Pre-K 4 progress report is sent home in January to let you know how your child is doing. A follow up is done at the end of the year; this really lets you see how well your child is and has been doing.

In class field trips such as “African music with Wala and Holiday Parties fill our year with tons of fun.  Along with all this learning, we also spend our time PLAYING!! Through games, outdoor play, and manipulative play. 


All of us here at Northstar want to instill a love for Jesus and learning that will last a lifetime.


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The four year old program at Northstar Christian Academy Daycare provides a fun, biblical and structured environment where your child will be able to practice the skills necessary for school and life. We are teacher directed and very academic, so you can expect your child to meet some amazing goals.

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